“This is so the best day ever” my daughter exclaimed as she watched the popcorn kernels explode into their white, fluffy glory. The handle for the Jiffy Pop was much too short and I had to set it on the fire. I should have known better. She paid no attention to my apology for burning the popcorn – just continued to selectively work her way through eating as much of it as she could. I guess the experience of making popcorn, while camping, was more important than my ability to produce a perfect bowl of camp ‘Jiffy Pop’.

I love how excited the kids get when I tell them we are going camping, how we get to sleep in a tent, with our sleeping bags and special camp pillows, that I brought hotdogs to cook over the fire and of course how they get to go to the bulk food store to pick out their own snacks for the canoe trip. They were even more excited, after we all gathered firewood, I told them they could help me place sticks on the fire. That was a first for them after always being told no, up until this point in their young lives.

Watching my kids as they participate in a canoe trip is inspiring. They are never bored. There are times when I need to lead (when to go to bed, brush your teeth, don’t hit your sister – parental type stuff) but most of the time I follow their lead. They seem to move along seamlessly from one activity to another and from one discovery to another. I just tag along and join in on the sense of wonder they exhibit at each new experience. Our campsite (#56) was high up on a rocky peninsula with views on three sides. It was very large with a lot of area to roam – even room for small children to run. The site had an expansive view of the lake with views of both sunrise and sunset. If we were quiet, we could hear the sound of a waterfall located across the lake from us to the north. This was a site that would need a stay of a few days to fully enjoy every aspect of it.

I guess the next time I bring popcorn, I will have to lash a stick to the Jiffy Pop handle so I can safely hold the popcorn out over the fire. I don’t intend to burn the popcorn twice in a row, despite my daughter’s gracious gesture.

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