5 MONTHS – Algonquin Provincial Park

We brought our “wide-eyed wonder” girl back to Algonquin Provincial Park at 5 months of age.  The water was a lot warmer after a full summer of solar gain.  The nights were a little cooler and more comfortable than mid July, especially for snuggling with my wife and daughter.  Most of the weekend was spent swimming or kayaking.  I was impressed with my wife for not having to abandon the kayaks because our daughter was hungry.  That was the first time I had ever seen a mother breast feeding in a kayak!

I can’t remember my early childhood memories when my parents took me camping.  I wonder what she thinks or feels, while stepping in the lake and feeling the sand shift under her feet, or staring out across the lake from the perspective of a kayak or watching the flames from our campfire dance around in the air?  The world must be full of wonder from her perspective!

One of our Algonquin traditions is to stop at Henrietta’s Bakery (just east of Huntsville on HWY60) on the way back home.  They have the best baked goods and breads in the area.  Just a warning, you had best decide on a spending limit before you enter the store.

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