I had read about this lake (seen a few pictures as well) during our pre-trip planning. We had anticipated hiking up into the mountains and jumping off the cliffs, for months before we arrived. We pretty much had the lake to ourselves for most of the day, except for a few casual jumpers. All that jumping reminded me of being a kid. I would climb back up the snow hill, only to slide back down in a fraction of the time it took to ascend the hill. It was worth the effort every time we had to climb back up.

We had to travel along way to get to this camp site (#38 on Baie Fine). You can access this part of the park from Georgian Bay as well as the park interior. As we approached Baie Fine one of the kids was fortunate to paddle up to a moose before it decided to run off into the woods. This picture was taken at sunrise during our first morning at this site

We looked across the lake at this view while we jumped from the cliffs all afternoon. Topaz Lake can be reached from a 20-30 minute hike from the eastern side of Baie Fine. The hike is part of the steepest portage in the park from Baie Fine to Threenarrows Lake.

Our last night in the park was spent at site #23 on Killarney Lake. This view is looking east down the lake. This site was perfect for an evening of cliff jumping, right after dinner while the sun set.


While on Topaz Lake we also found time to explore and relax. The clear water of the lake and the warm afternoon sun kept calling us back in the water.

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