KPP Sept 2017 family

“This is so the best day ever” my daughter exclaimed as she watched the popcorn kernels explode into their white, fluffy glory.  The handle for the Jiffy Pop was much too short and I had to set it on the fire.  I should have known…

THE BEST DAY, EVER! – Killarney Provincial Park 2017

Temagami-feature image

I was asked to participate in a canoe trip this past Summer (2017) with a group of guys I mostly had never met before, in a place I had never been before and had no problem saying “yes!”  The opportunity to experience something new in…

WILDERNESS PORTRAIT – Summer in Temagami

Grey Lake

There is no such island in Killarney, but in my daughter’s mind we were on Mosquito Island for the duration of our shortest canoe trip to date. We drove up to the park for the weekend to host a film screening of Wilderness Trails at the park…

MOSQUITO ISLAND – Killarney Provincial Park 2017

Grace lake

  “There’s a place, a garden for the young To laugh and dance in safety among The shimmering light in the shade of the trees” (Josh Garrels / Morning Light) For the past eight consecutive years, I have taken my kids on a canoe trip…

LAUNCH – Killarney Provincial Park 2016