Who ever said that men can’t multi-task?  Not only could I exercise my creativity, I could also watch the kids in the water, prevent my camera from being splashed by the waves and keep myself cool by playing in the water.  Photographing waves as they crash on the shore is not only an exercise in visualization, but also patience.  After all, I am dealing with something I have no control over.

My parents, brothers, sister and their spouses and kids (and one great grand child) occupy a group camping site at the Pinery Provincial Park for the long weekend in August.  Every year we become a small tented village with a perpetual fire in the center of it all.  The food is good, the conversation is good and the park is a wonderful place for all to enjoy the fresh air, some activity and a bit of relaxation.  We are very fortunate to experience camping represented now as four generations!  We end up spending a lot of time playing and swimming at the beach.  During this particular afternoon the waves were quite large after the storm we had the previous night.  Some of the older kids and I spent some time body surfing in the larger waves out past the second sand bar.  The younger kids stayed closer to shore and played in the smaller waves or played on the beach.  The breakers that I photographed were the ones closest to shore.  On a cold, rainy day in late October is a great time to to work on these images and remember a warm sunny day at the beach with family.