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NEW FILM PROJECT – Lake Superior’s Coastal Trail

This will be the second film in the Wilderness Trails series.  If you missed the first one you can view it at this link.

We intend to hike the trail and document the beauty of and experience of hiking a 65 km section of the rugged Lake Superior coastline in a visually creative and professional manner.  The Coastal Trail has been described as rugged and demanding.  This is a wilderness trail that has few encounters with civilization – the trail heads back inland for a few river crossings (Agawa, Barrett & Sand Rivers) utilizing Trans Canada Hwy bridges.  We travel light on the trail with minimal impact and follow the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy of hiking.  We have successfully hiked 100 km on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in 2016 and continue training for a hike of the Coastal Trail in 2018 and the John Muir Trail in 2019.  We also have many years and experiences on canoe trips in the backcountry in Algonquin and Killarney.

We have received financial and product support from M.E.C. and Naturally Superior Adventures.  We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with these businesses!  A short documentary film and a photographic portfolio will be made documenting the beauty and experience of hiking a 65km section of the rugged Lake Superior shoreline.  As in the first film, Scott Jordan will be creating the musical soundscape once again.  Film screenings will be planned, with interested organizations, for the beginning of 2019.