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There used to be a time when kids played outside!

I remember, as a kid, when my parents would tell us to go play outside.  I’m certain that our response was, more often than not, “I don’t want to” or “there’s nothing to do outside.”  That was the beginning of a new adventure with the great outdoors.  We eventually found lots to do and play with.  It was also the beginning of many numerous collections.  We collected tadpoles, caterpillars, feathers, driftwood and  best of all – rocks.

The best rocks I found were always at the beach, every shape, colour and size you could possibly imagine.  That’s where the rock collection idea started.  I now find my rocks while swimming or canoeing at the lake, but I don’t bring them home with me anymore (well maybe just a few) or give them to my Mom as gifts.  My rock collection now is in the form of images.  It is much more manageable in this form and hangs on walls more easily.  Most of the rocks in this collection are near or on the shore of various lakes in Ontario.  While others are laying on the beach, I am off surveying the shoreline for interesting shapes and colours of rocks.  Early morning and evening paddles on the lake, during our canoe trips, are a great way to discover interesting rock formations to photograph.  I would never consider myself a petrologist, just someone who enjoys the beauty of rocks.  It also gets me playing outside, which seems to be harder to do these days.  Enjoy the photos and happy rock collecting!