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While kayaking with my wife and daughter, one beautiful September evening in Algonquin Provincial Park, I noticed how the waves from the wake of my kayak intersected with the ripples created from water dripping from my resting paddle.  The water patterns created from both sources were beautiful on their own.  When they met, it created something unique and very interesting.

This got me thinking about the differences that men and women bring to a marriage and how, when brought together, something potentially unique and wonderful is created.  Each created beautifully, and brought together to make something that could not, exist except when joined as one.

Our daughter loved her ride in the kayak.  She enjoyed chewing on the paddle (while I spent time photographing), looking out across the lake (at what I can only guess) and being over joyed when ever Mom kayaked close by us.  If you haven’t yet watched the video of this, click here to watch.