I am compelled to create.  For me, the creative process is strongest in the visual arts, predominantly photography (both still and moving pictures).  Photography has such an interesting relationship between technical application and personal vision.  It speaks to a generous and intimate part of me—the desire to share what I find beautiful and interesting with others.

I have always been drawn to the natural world.  Ever since I was a boy, I would roam the woods, wander through creek beds, swim in the lakes and find any excuse to spend time in nature.  It has always been a place of mystery and a place of restoration.  I am in awe of its’ beauty and desire to share my images with anyone who will pause, look and listen to the story I have to tell.

The images are (to some degree) a visual reproduction of reality, but really they represent more of an emotional connection or response to a moment in time—based on numerous variables such as: location, subject matter, state of mind and environmental dynamics.

I usually work in monochrome (B&W) and have experimented a bit with colour.  I generally find that colour most often overpowers other elements such as form, texture and light.

By creating my images, I can retain and experience (over and over again) the memories associated with a particular past moment in time.  My images are ways of keeping something, both physical and emotional, with me to admire and appreciate at any future date.

My photographs have been exhibited (group shows) at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery (Owen Sound, Ontario), the Durham Art Gallery (Durham, Ontario) the Art Gallery of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario) and the Pelham Public Library (Fonthill, Ontario).

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