89 BELL LAKE – Killarney Provincial Park 2014


How do you plan a canoe trip with a 5 month old and a 2.5 year old (still in diapers)? Unless you plan on portaging a sack full of used diapers, you pitch the tent and stay put for the duration.  So that’s what we planned way back in March, 5 months before the actual trip.  In the back country of Killarney Provincial Park, you call that far ahead to ensure you get the reservations you want and hopefully on the lakes you want.  Bell Lake had plenty of sites to choose from and is one of the few access points into the park.  That meant we could go from the truck to the canoe to our site with no portages.

We arrived fairly early in the day so we could afford to be a little picky about the site we would occupy for 5 days.  After turning down site 79 ( a beautiful view from high above the lake, but not very kid friendly) we agreed on site 79, just across the narrows where Bell Lake mysteriously turns into Three Mile Lake.  The weather forecast predicted rain everyday of our trip so the large tarp was brought instead of the more compact version that usually accompanies us.  Thankfully our paddle in was warm and sunny – very inspiring – despite the gloomy forecast of cold and wet.  The site was large and open, yet sheltered enough to have a sense of privacy.  It was a great site to be at since we would be here for 5 days.  It was at the south west tip of what used to be an island, but now (due to lower water levels) it is the end of a peninsula, with a beautiful view from 3 sides of our camp site.  You could watch the sun rise and set, all from the same spot by the fire.  We had one open shoreline to the east as well as one facing west.  So when we did have sun, we could go to either side to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the corresponding view.

During the evening on our first night, I was setting up the camera to take a family portrait and then the unexpected happened. No bears, no broken bones or the realization that we’d forgot toilet paper, but something much worse – my daughter and I were in a bit of battle of wills and the tripod got knocked over with the camera firmly attached at the top.  The camera survived but the lens did not.  My only other lens was a 100mm macro – not very useful for filming the family canoe trip!

On our second day, we experienced something brand new to our canoe trips.  We had guests stay with us for the day and over night.  Friends of ours had booked their trip back in March and it coincidentally overlapped on Bell Lake for 1 day.  It was a lot of fun having good friends pull up in their canoes, share a site and have a sleep-over.  The visit got even cozier when the rain started and we moved under the tarp by the fire to cook our homemade pizzas and tell stories until we could no longer keep our eyes open.  My friend also resurrected my family canoe trip video that evening, by loaning me one of his camera lenses.

Our guests did not have to tear down and paddle out in the rain.  The rain had stopped over night and that was to be the end of the rain, but not the end of the cloud cover.  We decided to paddle with them to the end of the lake and then head back for some lunch.  My creativity had found new hope, so while the family rested after lunch, I took my newly borrowed lens and spent a few hours exploring and filming from the canoe.  Killarney is already a very quiet place (except for the flotillas of canoes that pass by with kids singing as if no one else can hear), but during the rainy times it is measurably more quiet. It was so quiet that from out in the lake, the present gentle breeze seemed louder than usual.  As I explored the coastline around the north part of Bell Lake, the lack of sounds seemed to enhance every sound that I made with my paddle.  Speaking of my paddle – this was the one I carved this past February at a workshop taught by Bruce Smith.  I really enjoyed using this finely crafted piece of cherry wood, instead of the usual rented blue and yellow plastic paddles.

We didn’t bring much of anything for the kids to play with.  They were quite well entertained with whatever they could find such as a pile of rocks to move, birch bark to chew on, frogs to chase, stones to throw in the lake, firewood to collect, dishes to throw in the lake, my daughter washed her hands in the lake close to a hundred times and the list could go on.  Since we were not portaging, we could afford to pack a bit more food than usual.  We ate very well!  Swimming wasn’t an every day activity because of the cold, wet weather.  We still found plenty to do, even with staying on the same site for the entire trip.  We really got to know that site very intimately, as you would with anything or anyone you spend so much time with.

Another first for this trip was the notable absence of my 2 oldest boys.  This was the first time in many trips I have been in Killarney without them.  From their point of view however, this was a summer with no Killarney canoe trip.  There’s always next year, another chance for new adventures and to create new memories once again.