80 Km TO GO!


I am in the middle of packing for tomorrow’s 5:00AM departure.  This has been about 6 months of planning and preparing for my biggest project to date – film and photograph the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Park. Meals have been organized and dehydrated, camera gear has been tested and minimized, clothing and shelter has been carefully considered and minimized – I guess everything has been minimized for the sake of my back and my knees.  I will meet up with Scott (presently in the park on a canoe trip) tomorrow at Killarney Outfitters to pick up a few items, discuss last minute details and hopefully hit the trail around 1:00PM.  First night will be spent at H7 on Topaz Lake.  I am already anticipating swimming in that lake and jumping off the cliffs into the clear blue waters.  The rest of our stays will include: H19 on Three Narrows Lake, H21 on Three Narrows Lake, H33 on Little Mountain Lake, H35 on Boundary Lake, H37 on Silver Lake, H45 on Bunnyrabbit Lake, H49 on Little Superior Lake and finally H53 on Little Sheguaindah Lake.  For any of you not familiar with Killarney Provincial Park, here is a link to Jeff’s Killarney Map, included is the trail we will be hiking.  The picture below was taken from H8 on Kirk Creek from a trip this past spring.

There will be many stories to tell, photographs and video clips to share all before the final film is made and film screenings/photo exhibitions are happening.  I think this is one time when it is not appropriate to say “break a leg!”